We Preserve The Ecosystem with Zero Waste Approach .

Waste Properly Sorted is not garbage.

Kaynaştır automatically sortes waste like packaging, domestic waste, frying oil, textile, metal and battery, glass in high-rise buildings, sites, hospitals, universities, and high-potential central roads and streets as automation of the separation of waste on-site.
Kaynayştır - Wastecykler

Wastes sorted on-site by using our system

Domestic Waste

Vapour or hot water can be obtained from the high temperature that exposed the result of burning domestic waste, and this vapour or hot water can be used by the aim of producing energy.


When batteries are thrown into bins, dangerous chemical substances in their structure are released and poison the ecosystem by mixing with soil and groundwater.

Glass Waste

Recycling a tonne of glass waste equals the saving of 100 liters of fuel oil.

Plastic Waste

Recycling of a tonne plastic waste equals the saving of %95 energy.

Paper Waste

Recycling one ton of paper/cardboard saves the cutting of 17 trees.

Oil Waste

A liter waste oil pollutes a million liter clean water. %25 of domestic water pollution is caused by waste oil.

Metal Waste

A 100-Watt light bulb runs for 20 hours thanks to the energy that is obtained with the recycling of the only 1 metal box.

Goods and Clothing Waste

You can help people in need by sending your useable clothing , and also provide the recycling these goods and clothes.

On site- In An instant

Users in the site where the system is installed throw their waste into the system selecting the waste they want to recycle from the user interface.

Productive Waste Sorting System

In terms of type of chosen waste products, the waste that user included in the system takes its place in the reserved compartment for itself and waits for recylcling.


All materials which are included in the system help us preserve nature by recycling with related technologies.